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I think I can give you another reason to care about climate change.

I love Greta Thunberg for her undying commitment to keep the conversation about climate change going and the way her activism inspires thousands to unite and unapologetically speak the truth to power.

If you are at all a hard core coffee lover, I think I can give you another reason to care about climate change.

Coffee actually grows in a very narrow temperature range (optimally 17-21C) and is dependent on the temperature stability of the equatorial zone. So you can imagine the impact climate change has on the coffee industry, leaving the only option, theoretically speaking, to migrating farms to higher elevations.

Well, in reality, coffee does not have the luxury of exploring alternative geos in response to rising temperatures; with 75-80% of coffee being grown by small independent farmers, this is simply impossible.

Go, Greta, go!

Doanh Chau Alex Nguyen

Pictured below: Ripe read Robusta berries ready for harvest on ARCADY Farm and our people^^

Disclaimer: Bi and Bo do not work on the farm^^ . They tagged along on the day for the fun of being out in the sun ~ guessing here^^ ~ and joined in the photo op ^^

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