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Loving Conical Hat

It seems a company profile is not complete without a social responsibility page, but for us at ARCADY FARMS, we do not think of "social responsibilities", such big words; we just simply love.

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Direct from our hearts

We love to look at these pictures, just because everytime we look at these shots we took of the kids we met on the various trips we made to the far-flung areas here in the central highlands, they never fail to put a smile on our face and we feel that loving warmth in our hearts. Call us hopeless romantics if you must ^^, we are definitely a passionate bunch - we are passionate about our products, we are passionate about our farmers (and their children^^), we are passionate about the cause we set for ourselves and our hearts are always filled to the brim with joy, love and gratitude.

We pat ourselves on the back for having built this structure at the nearby school where our factory is located, knowing that it would keep the children from the famous scorching highland sun. The children we met on that day were just wonderful - they were full of life and it was such a joy to talk to them while we waited for the ribbon cutting ceremony to begin.

The fact that we are practically able to carry out our community activities comes from the vision we had at the earliest stage of our journey. Even before ARCADY FARMS was officially incorporated, we sat down one late spring afternoon and had this long talk. That marked the birth of a fund we call LOVING CONICAL HAT. Now, with every package of ARCADY COFFEE bought, a part of sales proceeds goes towards the less fortunate members of our farming community here in the heart of Vietnam's central highlands.

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