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About Us

About Arcady

Started out as a coffee plantation and incorporated in 2020 to become a joint-stock company, ARCADY FARMS is located in the heart of the evergreen and richly endowed land that is Tay Nguyen. Enjoying direct trade relationship with the hard-working farmers here, ARCADY FARMS establishes itself as a reliable link between Vietnamese coffee growers and coffee importers as well as individual coffee enthusiasts around the world.

 Arcady's vision 

To be a notable industry specialist promoting Vietnamese coffee worldwide

Located right in the heart of Vietnam's coffee region with direct trade relationship with coffee growers and empowered by a team of highly skilled professionals in the field of coffee verification and quality controlling, ARCADY FARMS prides itself on its competitive ability to supply the highest quality Robusta and Arabica beans that are guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning industry buyers. Quite notably, ARCADY FARMS enjoys sole access to the region's comparatively limited supply of Excelsa, the unique coffee beans widely known for their mysterious, quirky characteristic.


ARCADY COFFEE, a passion project headed by ARCADY FARMS very passionate team, is our organic specialty coffee brand that boasts some of the most exquisite blends known to coffee connoisseurs across the country and are slowly gaining recognition among European coffee lovers.


It's time the world knows of the exquisite flavor profiles Vietnam has to offer and ARCADY FARMS sets itself out to champion the trajectory of the fifty shades of a Vietnamese coffee flavor.



To foster a link between vietnamese coffee growers and international industry buyers as well as coffee lovers

ARCADY FARMS aims to provide the highest quality coffee beans to international industry buyers by way of highly professional coffee verification and strict quality control.

ARCADY FARMS aims to promote Vietnamese organic specialty coffee to the world through the flavor profiles it has created with passion and lovingly packaged under the brandname of ARCADY COFFEE.

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